OD is a brand powered by unceasing passion for creation of new objects, freedom of thought and experiment.

Devised during initiation of an in-house shoe project and as a result of fulfilling dreams. Established with the idea of creating a prODuct on the border of standard and modernity, mixing classical and sport style, according to unisex idea.

The basis of every project are emotions — comfort, understanding and distinction.


Moccasins are an innovative interpretation of the canon, the essence of which are the soles of the shoes, made entirely or partly from outer fabrics.

That makes them light and comfortable, nearing us to an experience of walking barefoot. Innovatory construction can be perceived straight through transparent sole. Each element was designed with proper care of preserving essential anatomical dimensions of our body. Specially created shape of the last underlines dynamic character of the shoes, while straight, bold lines and contrast colours emphasize manner of use.


Communication is a vital element of the creation process. Being aware of diversity of explored issues I observe, listen and communicate with professionals in their respective fields of work.

Moccasins are manufactured in Pomerania in cooperation with a team of highly qualified specialists - people who devise respective stages of the process, so that every pair of shoes meets the highest standards.


We combine materials typical for shoes with non-obvious fabrics associated with water sports.

Apart from high quality leather and synthetic components we apply Dacron (Yacht Sailcloth Polyester) used to sail making, as well as zigzag sailing stitches as yet another reference to maritime traditions.